How to Access Linux Server Without Password Using SSH

By default, if we want to access the Linux server using ssh then we have to enter the username and password of the server. But it is very inconvenient for a sysadmin if always write a password when want to access the Linux server using ssh. So, this article will explain how to access Linux server using ssh without using a password. I use CentOS 7 and should this article be applicable to OS other than CentOS.

Suppose we have 2 servers with IP with hostname vps1 and with hostname vps2. We want to access from server vps1  to server vps2 but need not enter the password of the server vps2. So, on the server vps1 type the following command:

Press enter key only when told to answer, then type the following command:

Enter the password for server After that, try to access the server again and should be able to enter the server without having to enter the password:



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